The alchemy of hustle is about the fine and messy art of building a life doing what you love.  Living your joy.  It’s about the pursuit of a good life on your own terms and what it takes to get there.  I write about it because it’s been something I’ve always wanted, to make my living doing what I love.  And now I am. Well its early days but I’m giving it a red hot go.

I think you’ve got to be part alchemist and part hustler to make your way.  Alchemy – the magical transformation of  your vision, intentions and goals becoming your reality.  Hustle the muscle, hard graft, focus, self belief and determination required to make it happen.  Yin and yang, female and male, left and right, the magic and the muscle……you’ve got to bring both to transformation.  Both to building something you want.

It’s also about the fun and bumpy ride of navigating the human condition, with all its foibles and challenges. About the courage required to make the changes needed, to step outside of your comfort zone and leap.   I reckon that’s a huge part of living your joy too.

The blog was started in July 2011 and now in early 2013 I’m sharpening my pencil and focusing my efforts to write content to inspire and motivate others who want to build a life doing what they love……..whether it be your own business, a job or a hobby.

In addition to sharing my own journey building a life I love, these are the main things I will talk about:

  • The anatomy of doing what you love exploring, writing about and sharing tips on the what, why and how
  • Others Stories I’m going to talk to others who are doing what they love, whether they be self employed, salaried or hobbyist’s and ask them juicy questions about the how, the what and the why.  How did they connect to what it was they wanted to do, where did they get the balls to do it, how they kept the motivation up when it got tough, where does their drive come from…etc etc etc.  Im going to share what I hear with you, doses of inspiration and tips coming your way.
  • Wellness and Balance Body, Mind, Spirit, Relationships, Finances, Home, Joy levels…ideally these babies have got to be in wellness and balance for you to be stepping off your best foot and nailing your goals. Yep it is a big job, but it is doable.
  • Making Change The process of creating new habits and changing beliefs and behaviours that don’t serve you anymore is a topic close to my heart and an essential tool to shimmying forward into the light of your own brilliance.
  • Wanderlust It may seem a random inclusion but wanderlust will have a voice in this conversation also.  In addition to the joy and excitement travel offers, to me it is one of the most powerful tools and opportunities for self reflection and transformation through being submerged in unfamiliarity, challenge and the need to be resourceful.  From day trips in your local hood to big trips abroad I think more people should travel to get out of their familiar, take stock and look at things with recharged eyes and soul.  Just saying.

Where did the name ‘the alchemy of hustle come from?  The words and their power had been milling around in my head….’alchemy’…..’hustle’.  Then I somehow found myself watching an interview of Will Smith.  He talked about two things; how he was a hustler, how he had to hustle to make his way and Paulo Coelho’s book The Alchemist, he talked about alchemy.  And bingo, the alchemy of  hustle was birthed.  Thank you Will Smith.



  1. Hi M,

    It’s a lovely blog and a really great idea! You have such a great mind and so much talent the world deserves to hear from you! :o)

    Everything in life you bring to the path of learning. Nothing is wasted. There are no mistakes (although it sure seems like that sometimes :o))

    I’m looking forward to lots more entries – sign me up.



  2. Mellow

    You have a real talent for this stuff Maree and a wonderful way with words!
    Two words for ya that I’m sure you’ll see plenty of in the future “LOVE IT!”

  3. georgie

    you have always made me stop & think “where are you going george!!!”

    love love love your blog

    just gorgeous- like you

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