driving forward

to be driven

and to respond to your own voice*

your needs, calling, longings….

she can be a challenging road

maybe more so because….

theres not that many companions on it when you skip jump out of the well trodden lane

not so many in their volume

confirming that your choice is okay

that you’re okay,

but it’s the right road (well, for me)

it feels a bit unsure at times, quite a bit

and theres much stumbling

and wobbly wheels in amongst the drive forward

but theres a drive and the direction is north

and I’m happy with that

* your own………maybe at first it doesn’t sound like your own voice

it calls into attention your uncomfortableness

the agitation of your despondency

rubbing away like salt in a paper cut

uncomfortable, but not unbearable

so you can have a conversation for awhile

maybe longer than you want, than you need……….change delayed

but interestingly

change is such an oxymoron

patient as a doting grandparent

and as ready as a raging bull

An incredible Creme Brule with a glass of local sticky (Healdsburg, Sonoma) accompanied the writing of ‘driving forward’


About maree

I'm creative and curious and love writing about the fine and messy art of creating an authentic joy laden life.


  1. Jennifer

    I like this poem Maree

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