Mercurial Retrograded Lashings of Crazeball (and new beginnings).

Today is the start of Mercury in Retrograde.

I had no idea what that meant until I read this fabulous post by Gala Darling called How to Survive Mercury in Retrograde (recommend the article and her blog).  It was after the read that I reflected on what a fine slice of crazy my weeks actually been. Particularly when I read “we sometimes start to feel the effects of Mercury retrograde a few days early….”. And I’m like HELL YEAH we do.

So here’s the mercurial lashings of crazeball the universe brought to me in technicolour this week (seriously, nothing is exaggerated):

Monday – I missed a flight sale by 12 hours. On waking I checked my inbox and there was an email from Air NZ promoting their fabulous 24 hr $150 off sale for flights to NZ.  This would have been awesome 12 hours earlier on Sunday when I booked flights home!  Seriously, I had been hanging out for this sale, I didn’t know when it was going to be so I went ahead and booked my flights.  And then boom next day theres the sale.

Later on Monday – Im in a sweaty sea of claustrophobic yoga As part of my detox and push for health I was off to try Yoga.  I’d grabbed a $30 for 30 day special at Body Mind Life Yoga.  It’s a quality joint and my colleagues been raving about it…“its relaxing and regenerating”… I thought coolios.  Fast forward to Monday night where I find myself and sixty nine others in a 30 degree room for an hour and a half (with a handspan between mats, no shit!).  I was expecting calming and instructive Yoga.  Instead I am in the middle of a sea of sweaty bodies, and I am positioned under two ceiling heat panels without a towel (I had no idea it was heated Yoga).  It feels a tad more advanced than the beginners class it was scheduled as……with ONE instructor who was more ‘tell’ than ‘show’.  I found myself a bit dazed, confused and frustrated, like an out of shape alien. Relaxing and regenerating it was NOT.

Tuesday – I heard from an old lover.   Our horizontal encounters were like strawberry and cream, figs and honey, pastry and chocolate…..divine when combined.  We saw each other for over a year (casually) and I ended up developing feelings for him that weren’t reciprocated and got hurt (think big OUCH).  Anyhowser it ended last November.  On Tuesday out of the blue he texted me, I was SURPRISED to hear from him.

ThursdayMy gorgeous new shoes shrunk.  I picked up my much adored and coveted egg shell blue Marcue brogues from the cobblers after having them soled (to protect their leather bottoms).  Within a few steps it felt like I was walking in somebody else’s shoes.  Literally I’d gone from perfectly fitting and comfortable shoes to my toes feeling tight and squashed.  W.T.F?

Later on Thursday – A stranger swung a punch at my head.  On my way home from work a total stranger who was walking in my direction and past me, looked me in the eyes and then swung a punch at my head.  His fist was so close I could hear the air woosh past my ear.  In a split second I went all Joe Frazier and bobbed my head out of the way, punch avoided.  I turned, stood my ground and shouted my unhappiness.  He continued walking away (not running) like nothing happened.  It was crazeballs material.  Funnily enough I thought of my father (not something I find myself doing often) and in my mind I thanked him for my built-in street smarts, without them I would have a swollen ear, badly bruised head and possible concussion.

FridayMy guts are in pain for no reason.  I wake up and my guts are in pain, and I’m not feeling great.  This used to be nothing out of the ordinary, but I’m at week three of a six week detox and 12 week exclusion of gluten, cows milk and eggs (and twelve other foods I’m mildly intolerant to).  The night before I had consumed gluten FREE Buckwheat & Besan pasta, I’d eaten it the week before and had no problems.  W.T.F number two for the week!

Saturday has gone okay, theres still 45 minutes to go……so I don’t want to get cocky, but I think I’m in the clear.  From what I read retrograding mercury also brings growth….a finishing of old, a clearing out and a starting of new.  And I’m majorly feeling that and finishing old projects.  Positive change is taking flight…..

So its not all crazeballs, but bloody hell that was one out there week.  Mercurial retrograding finishes 8 August, I’ll keep you posted.

Has anything turned up for you?


About maree

I'm creative and curious and love writing about the fine and messy art of creating an authentic joy laden life.


  1. Whew, I certainly hope the last 45 minutes of your mercurial week were more earthy than mercury.

  2. Wow, nearly punched eh? Now that takes the mercurial cake! Jee to the SUS!!! Your post confirmed for me that I am still yet to become an adult as I tittered/blushed at the use of the word “lover”. You, however sound very grown up so no wonder you’ve withstood this testing week.

  3. anton

    interesting …week for you … a apparently a potatoe in the show san strech it…
    who the the x … and is he still the x ..

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