finders, keepers and creators of bespoke joy

Im a lover of bespoke creativeness, of inspired artisans that dedicate their working life to their passion, to their craft. So I revelled in my visit last night to the Finders Keepers Market. Oh there was MUCH revelling.  I’ve been nibbling round the edges of my desire to earn a crust from my creative genes for awhile now.  I look at those that do with a little envy, truth be told.

The market was a wonderful dose of inspiration….and I felt like a kid as I squished through the bustling crowd to peer onto the tables laden with delights.

getting my child on and loving it….in one of TMOD’s headdress party hats (which I bought)

A friend and I did a  *little* shopping.  And I am ridiculously excited about the arrival of my hand made to order Marque shoes (in shell blue) crafted by the lovely Marina (they are my official 4oth birthday present to myself).  I also had a mini splurge on BESPOKE letterpress boutiques stationery, I love there wares.  There was just so much too see, so I took a few snaps…

There was music, food and wine all around as you mooched and shopped = heaven.

beautiful sparkly lights


About maree

I'm creative and curious and love writing about the fine and messy art of creating an authentic joy laden life.


  1. Mel

    Sooo you! Be sure to let me know when u have your own little spot set up :-)
    (Cute pics btw – why are you not on Instagram yet?)

  2. thanks for the support Mel, and when I get my wee shop/online store/craft stall up and running you’ll be the first to know! I’ll check out instagram too x

  3. denise lewis

    fabulous, fabulous, fabulous, right up my alley also, loooooooove the hand made shoes – such talent. – how cute is that Rabbit:) xxx

  4. the rabbit was extra cute (and a little scary as it was life size). I’ll post a pic of my shoes when they arrive :-). They have this fair twice a year and I love going. You would have LOVED it x

  5. denise lewis

    maybe next year you’ll be able to have your own stall there? I’ll come and be the ‘cashier’ and Mel can make the cuppas :)

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