The things we love to do – where do they come from? My love of food.

Have you ever thought about why it is you love the things you do, and where it is they come from?

Why is it that your passionate about music, food, cooking, craft, travel, movies?……..whatever it is your into.  Awhile back I got a little curious about why I was creative, and wrote about it here.  In closing that post I wrote “I know exactly where my love and education for food comes from – my uncle Anton.  And thats another story”.   Well this is that other story.

I rank great food up there with the best experiences life has to offer, food is a total utter joy.

A food memory that STANDS OUT is from Anton’s kitchen (cooked somewhere between 11 – 15 years ago). What I love about this memory is not only the extroadinary taste, it was how the dish converted me from “Ewww I don’t want to eat that” to “Oh my god I think I am in love, is there any more?”

The dish was fillets of fish coated in cajun spices served with a salad of – soft leafed lettuce, sliced banana and passionfruit dressing (pure fruit pulp).  I cannot tell you how incredible it was, my writing could not do it justice.  It was sublime.

Heres Anton, the great man himself with my ma (their brother and sister)

This dish introduced me to two fundamentals of cooking which I have followed ever since; 1. the art of simple food done extremely well, and 2. certain foods are meant to be together, there union is alchemical, magical (and there not always foods you think would make good bed fellows).

Anton led me into many food related firsts – My first restaurant dinner when I was a teenager (he introduced me to restaurants and how to ‘be’ and eat in them).  My first taste of olives (I can still remember the restaurant, the table linen and the vibe of that lunch and it was 19 years ago).  My first introduction to good wine and to oysters.  He got me my first job in restaurants where he was the Maitre’d and where I learnt the trade and the business of food.  An industry through which I made great friends.

Anton's Christmas Eve Dinner Party 2011 - Main course: Hapuku (NZ fish) with broad beans and pomegranate on a bed of Israeli cous cous with roasted courgette and red pepper

I’ve attended countless dinner parties at his table where his food and settings are legendary.  He is seriously gifted, one of those people that were born to cook and entertain.

Anton's table setting at the annual christmas eve dinner, 2011

I’m sure I grew up with taste bud’s that were ready to love food.  Though undoubtedly Anton’s influence and my exposure to his passion and his incredible food, has deepened and educated my passion and love.

And his bold flavour combinations remind me to try something different every now and again.  To take a taste risk which may have you falling in love all over again just from the chew off a once loaded fork.


About maree

I'm creative and curious and love writing about the fine and messy art of creating an authentic joy laden life.


  1. Natalie

    Simply a wonderful read Maree !!!


  2. annton

    oh my maree ….. very kind and generous with your words n thoughts , and glad it has influeneced you in you daily and living life ….the experiements we can share and educate others with . thank you

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