Homebound – Trip to Gisborne

On my lovely christmas holiday to NZ I visited Gisborne for three days (for the first time, I might add).

My fabulous hosts where Katy and Paulus and their two delicious sons Archie and Benny.  I could eat those children, but thats another story.  These two are artisan creative powerhouses, with furniture Katy’s medium and Painting Paulus’s.  They moved to Gisborne from Auckland and have set up home on a quarter acre block, replete with a studio to create in, an enviable garden patch, the coolest kid’s playhouse and lots of green to run around on.

Katy and I went to design school together a thousand years ago when we were bright young sparkly things, she is one of NZ’s fine furniture designers.

I liked Gisborne, its got great coastline, seriously great (and it allows freedom camping on most of its coastline = way cool).  It attracts artisans, which makes for an interesting community of people.  Produces some stellar wines.  And as my hosts described, provides a slower more old school slice of life for those that like to roll that way.  If you squint your eyes your seeing a NZ way of life from the 60’s/70’s.

Outside of eating beautiful food, playing with the kids and lazing around I got to check out the lush Tiromoana gardens (thanks to their generous owner/ host Jack Richards), the Dome Cinema (where Katy’s work is hanging in all its red splendour), the next door – Staple Furniture and Design store and we enjoyed a vino at the Wine Centre.

Oh and one of the treats of the trip was sleeping in the KW caravan, you’ll see a photo below.  Its an awesome wee caravan that Katy redesigned, read here – ‘In 2003 she took the Katy Wallace Caravan Project on the road. Wallace redesigned a classic 1966 Lilliput caravan and toured the North Island, parking outside museums so people could have a look. She transformed the caravan’s shell by changing the original dull stripes to a blue dimpled cover. The interior had retro formica kitchen fittings and a kitchen cupboard covered in wetsuit material’. – NZ Herald 2006 Article

It was lovely to see old friends and be showered in their hosting generosity.  And it was a treat to visit a new place and get a tour from a local – always the best way to check out a new spot I reckon.

Heres some pic’s…

first swim for the year

my lovely bedroom

the food I got to eat was a treat

The view from Tiromoana Gardens

Tiromoana Gardens

Tiromoana Gardens

Ribbon Chandelier - Dome Theatre. By Katy Wallace

view from my hosts dining room window (my fave photo of the holiday)

farewelling Gisborne on the plane


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