summer loving

Today I say hello to Summer*

I am wanting to bring love and positive energy to what is my least favourite season.  So I thought I would write a letter to Summer in the hope (vain as it is) that it would instigate a new loving relationship.  Well the start of one.

Dear Summer

Hello my name is Maree, you may remember me as the person that curses your name each time you roll around. Im sorry about that but on those occasion’s (many that they were) my brain was fried and I was struggling to navigate outside for fear of melting and having to inflict on the public my reddish frizz bowl of an Afro that you so lovingly produce.  So hopefully given all the stressors I was experiencing you may find it in your heart to forgive my cursing ways.

I know being hot is part of your job, and Im not writing to request a change in your job description (though I would if I thought it feasible).  No, I am writing to say I am going to give loving you or at least liking you a red hot go.  Okay to be honest I think I should start with like (love feels a little ambitious given our past relationship).

In the spirit of moving forward I thought I would put aside our past differences.  I wasn’t going to bring anything up…….but then I thought it might be cathartic and the beginning of a new footing for us both If I shared my grievances.  So here goes.

I really haven’t appreciated the total immobilisation to my body and mind you bring with some of those heat whoppers of 35 – 40 degree days (oh and lets not forget the nights, most nights that I cant sleep.  you just don’t let up ) I become a lethargic sloth with the motivation of a gnat and loose all rational decision making powers (truly).  Also the mozzies you intice out like a piranha feeding frenzy on my defenceless skin,  I can’t say Im in love with that either.  The hair, I don’t think I can express in writing my feelings about what you do to my hair, so best I leave it (use your imagination and you still wont come close).  The over zealous sweat you entice out of my pours has parts of me sticking that shouldn’t (think inner thighs) and theres nothing like a bit of heat rash to make me feel like an Eskimo at a Bondi Beach Bikini Competition – totally unsuitable to my surroundings.  Having to where Togs (enough said).

It also doesn’t help that I have red hair an artic skin tone and a splattering of freckles with a burn time of about ten minutes (you must see me coming and laugh).  Oh and dressing for summer, I mean where do I start. I’ve never been able to get my summer wearing clothes mojo on.  Never.  This could have something to do with the fact I have a curvy spongy body (aka little to no tone) thats absolutely not flattered in short anything or a lack of structure in the midzone.  I am a women of the dress with tights combo, jeans and leggings fraternity and the thought of putting on any of those while your hot self is around is as appealing to me as walking naked to my local with only a pair of sunglasses as my shield.  NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.  And lastly lest I forget that combo you do with the wind………I’ve never experienced gusts of hot burning air in my eyeballs till I moved to Sydney, and its a first I could have done without.

I know your thinking I could move and your right I could.  I could also embrace what seems like EVERYBODIES love of you while they float about in thongs and bikini tops and hot pants while frolicking from bar to beach without a care in the world. I could do this but I’m not built for you, Im 39 and I know this.  So this Winter loving child is going to find other things to embrace about you like water activities (I love to swim) and the opportunity to bring a fresh approach to my wardrobe.  Oh and the creative cycle of fruition and the activities of playing, rejoicing and enjoying that your all about.  You are the season powerhouse of creativity and play, and that is appealing to me.

So I look forward to getting to know you differently and jumping in head first to three months of fun and play and creativity. Oh and hopefully liking you more.

Yours Authentically


p.s if you ever get tempted to stretch your legs and bring out those 40 degree and above days. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DONT.

*The Summer Solstice starts on December 22 this year and you may find me recognising this in a future post.


About maree

I'm creative and curious and love writing about the fine and messy art of creating an authentic joy laden life.


  1. denise lewis

    oh yes! summer on the other side of the pacific isn’t as hot but still provides total discomfort in relation to yours. Hoping Summer will empathetic to you – think everyone reading your letter will agree with most and have similar …. there’s a limit to how long one can stand in an air conditioned room for fear of venturing out and having makeup slide down ones face, legs sticking together whilst still trying to maintain the glamourous look.
    thankyou Ree for your entertaining letter to Summer … what’s Santas letter going to be then.


  2. eeek a letter to Santa, he comes in 24 days! so much to do before then, I find this time of year such a blur and rush. thanks for the feedback

  3. Summe must have head you and decided to be kind to you this year! So hearing you re the hair and sweatiness. You captured the Summery woes beautifully. On the upside, there’s seahorses to be gazed at and all the events at the Domain to enjoy! Hurrah Summer! x

    • I am DElighted about the forecast for Summer. Delighted!. And the last six days have been nice and cool so no complaints here. Though not getting ahead of myself, these are early days. And yes your super right, the free concerts and the outdoor movies and all are lots of fun. Thanks for reminding me Shops x

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