The things we love to do – where do they come from?

I’m supercharged curious to explore and live a life filled of the things that I love to do; my passions – food, words, art, change.  On my journey to building that life I have become a little bit of a ‘curious George’…….exploring other peoples passions and how they live them, as a hobby or career.  Some have passionate extravaganza’s of lives crammed with doing what they love, work for them is utter joy.  For some its in the hobbies they have…….and others just haven’t got the joy in yet.  Lives lived from expectation or a disconnection to what lights their loins (but thats for another post).

Recently I’ve been wondering – ‘where do our passions come from’?  Since I was a wee tot I’ve been a creative being.  From my junior days I’ve loved drawing, words and food.

little me at kindy

I’ve never really thought about where my love for these things came from.   Well until recently when I had a Poirot moment and landed my first clue – my mother.  My mother makes things with her hands, and she has done this for as long as I can remember.  She creates and makes crafts.  She is a master crocheter, excellent knitter, doll maker, felter…..makes body products, bags, clothes, homewares……the list goes on.

Mum (Denise) is a little cottage industry, she sells at craft fairs, to work colleagues and takes special orders, and she’s always out and about looking for retailers to stock her wares.  And when I think back it has always been like this.  I remember as a kid when she crocheted bikinis and sandals and sold them to bring in a bit of extra money.

mums handy work - crocheted bikini

When I phone home mum is always making something, crafts sprawled out over the lounge floor, it’s always been part of my memory of her.  And she does all of this as a hobby as she has a full time job.  She just loves to make, and I guess its a sort of therapy……a way to chill out, relax and unwind.  I remember her saying that sometimes she has to make herself do some crafts, but its always been around.  They have a unique life long relationship; mum and her crochet needle.

my first holy communion crocheted dress (matching crocheted umbrella out of shot)

Recently she made beautiful hand crafted gifts for a friend of mines future bambino.  I wanted to give something special and ma delivered in spades.  Theres so much love and care that goes into her work, it just shouts ‘FEEL THE LOVE’ through its double stitched felt lining that you cant help but have a little bit of my mums joy in making it, rub off on you.

bubba shoes made by ma

Its no wonder that I am creative.  Its in my genes and has clothed my every childhood move.

ma's handiwork, a maori costume for school

Creativity has been a presence in my life pretty much from day dot due to my ma, but until my friends baby parcel arrived I’d never made the connection.

me and mum

No, we don’t share the same aesthetic or creative practices but the ‘artisan’, ‘craftsman’ the ‘maker and creator’ are definitely energies we share.  And sure they were developed and influenced as I grew up and studied art and design, but the origin of my passion, well that seems to be from closer to home.  And as I forge my own business made up of doing the things that I love I realise how much of an influence mums life long hobby and resulting ‘cottage industry’ has had on me, without me even realising. Well until now.

My love for words…….well Im curious to explore that, but I know exactly where my love and education for food comes from – my uncle Anton.  And thats another story.

It makes you wonder where your passions spring from, not for any other reason than curiosity and a deeper connection to why we tick tock the way we do.  A bit of history always helps pave the future brightness.

Thanks mum.


About maree

I'm creative and curious and love writing about the fine and messy art of creating an authentic joy laden life.


  1. denise lewis

    Little Miss Piscasso – how beautiful are you Ree -,reading your ‘acknowledgement’- thankyou … Your own creativity started very young – dolls were there for photo shoots only-happiest with pencil and paper and so it has continued :) Our hand crafts and interests allow us the work of active imagination – it’s nothing better than good for the soul – there is no price for the simple pleasure of making,and giving. ‘Old fashioned’ Hand crafts skipped a generation and now making a comeback – it’s fabulous to see.

    Love you my girl

  2. Mel

    The pics add something really special to this great post Maree
    My childhood with 7 siblings has also shaped passions of mine in a different sense …I have many wonderful memories of endless games from dawn til dusk, playing pranks on each other, noisy mealtimes, chaos in the morning getting ready for school & … mess!
    These are all connections to my fun-loving, easy-going nature .. but, also the root of my love of reading (quiet time alone was a luxury as a kid), and a passion for home decorating and creating organised, functional work/play areas around the house (tidy, ordered, clutter-free spaces also a rarity back then!)
    Great thought-provoking piece Maree .. Keep em coming

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