red wall of power keg delight

On my way to work this morning my eyeballs were hijacked by a wall of red scrawl which had sprung up overnight.  In the 100 shades of grey the city offers this was a beautiful, rebellious and cheeky gift.

I was drawn to it.  My usual walk to work from bus to front door was deviated and I was crossing a road and marvelling at something beautiful and pondering its genesis (and hoping madly it was an installation which would stay around for a bit).  And that for me is half its beauty, that I was drawn and considering the ‘how’, ‘who’ and ‘why’……I was engaged.  That and the fire keg of energy that radiated from it.

Watching my dumfounded grin were the curators of said street art (Amanda Sharrad and Justine Topfer) sitting on the curb, checking it out for the first time (it was sprayed the night before).  I found out it’s part of; Laneway Art, which is part of a bigger program – Sydney Art and About month run by the City of Sydney. And the artist is Barry McGee from California, who I never knew about till this serendipitous morning, but I like muchly.  Muchly I like.

Whether you appreciate graffiti and street art is a matter of personal taste, politics and generation (Im a lover not a hater).   What I love about this work is how it engages and brings you out of yourself and your relationship to your usual surrounds.  And how it demands your attention and begs your curiosity for even just a minute.  And I think that is a marvellous under valued gift.  To get ‘out of ourselves’ and our routines and what we ‘know’ and just marvel at something thats different.  Even if for just a second.

I was inspired this morning.  And I can’t say that everyday.


About maree

I'm creative and curious and love writing about the fine and messy art of creating an authentic joy laden life.


  1. Expressing part of ourselves through any form of medium is a ‘gift’, the sheer joy it brings to others either in the form of purchasing or observing is indeed another ‘gift’. This world as we know it right now needs as many ‘gifts’- it’s the simple things that bring the pleasure not how the ‘gift’ is wrapped.

    Mine in Giving

  2. I couldn’t of said it better if I tried. Thank you for the cracking comment mum.

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