making it happen (fake it till you make it)

A mate of mines got a saying “you gotta fake it till you make it”.

This usually enters the conversation when we’re talking about making a big scary change which requires the taking off of comfortable pants and the venturing into the new.  The change is generally anchored around a dream or goal, and I don’t know about you, but being clear on ‘what it is you want’ can be an achievement in itself (well it was for me).  So here I was glowing with the flush of victory at gaining clarity on my future direction when it peevishly dawned on me that vulnerability (my favourite of emotions) along with the need for a good pair of steel balls was required to make things happen.  I say peevishly, because I was side blinded by my victory at ‘getting clear’ and thought I was on the home run (running away from needing to dig deep again). But I digress.

Me, you, people and the whole ‘starting something new’…..what an interesting dance.

For some, starting something new is no sweat.  I find I need a bit of a run up, swaddled in courage and confidence.  You know the things that can start coming up, we’ve all been there…… start asking yourself ‘can I do this’, ‘am I good enough’, ‘I don’t have enough time’, ‘I don’t have the skills’, ‘what will others think’. The catalyst for needing steely balls swathed in a veil of vulnerability can be; starting a new business venture, going back to study after an absence, telling someone you like them, starting out in a new industry, dating when your a bit rusty, starting a new hobby, a work presentation.  The list is endless.

And back to faking it………I stumbled across  this gem of a post by Sarah Wilson, about faking it till you make it, about just starting with what you’ve got. And my friends saying went ‘ping, ping, ping’ in my neural jungle of a brain.  The lights were on and I was home.  So I have now included the ethos of ‘faking it’ to my hustling strategy for living my creative life of joy.  

If your feeling like you need a bit of inspiration to start something new, and your maybe waivering in confidence and thinking ‘where to start?’ click the link to read Sarah’s post.  And be inspired like I was, by one of the most famous *alchemical hustlers* – Michelangelo of all people. Now there’s a man with balls (read on).


About maree

I'm creative and curious and love writing about the fine and messy art of creating an authentic joy laden life.

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  1. Argh , I lost my comment….

    Now what was I saying….I LOVE this notion and it has gotten me through lots of stuff, especially more first dates than you can poke a stick at ( well, that and the call on approach to make sure I don’t approach the wrong person). I also love the balls+vulnerability. I’ve tried denying the vulnerability and it makes it more “fake” than making it. Well, for me it did. Once I owned by green-ness, it was a far easier process. Enough of my burbling – thanks for the inspiration!

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