Oh hello Spring, what are you going to bring?

Today is the first day of Spring*, diddly ding ding!

It brings out in me all things; new growth, new beginnings and/or opportunities and getting down to some good old fashioned hard work on the projects that matter.  It’s such a fertile time of year.

What are you going to do with your Spring? What projects, intentions or goals have you been saving up ready to unleash on the mystical fertile powers Spring brings?  It’s a magical three months and you’d be surprised at what you can create, start, turn around and change.  If you’ve been putting something off this is the perfect time to jump in and take it on.

My Spring menu includes:

  1. Annual Spring Clean of the house and contents, I just love clearing out clothes I don’t wear anymore, books I don’t read, sorting through the pile of paper/bills……..getting my house and affairs in order.  I love the feeling of knowing the house is cleaned out, cleared and ready for some new energy.
  2. Immerse myself in creating and writing
  3. Continue giving the love to my body – all things well being and self care.
  4. Be courageous and venture out into new experiences

So make the most of the next three months, if you snooze through these babies you’ll wake up and it will be all things Christmas, then New Years and then 2012.  And that’s all good and all, but don’t forget the power and the gift of Spring……three months of a fire cracker of new growth or some good old fashioned clearing out and getting clear with where your going…..if you want it.

*and for my Northern Hemisphere readers (and thank you very much to the two of you by the way, I hope Dublin is treating you well) its hello to Autumn for you!


About maree

I'm creative and curious and love writing about the fine and messy art of creating an authentic joy laden life.

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