ciao bella winter

Today I farewelled my favourite season, Winter.

Why, you ask?  Well, for the last couple of years I’ve lived by the seasons, four lots of three month blocks.  I dont know about you but I find a year just so big and long and stretchy and easy to get lost in.  The chunking down of the calendar year really supports my rhythm.  I find it easier to bring my intentions and goals into a three month space, a little mini space of creativity and doing nestled inside the big daddy of a year. This way I don’t get as easily lost in the day to day, blink and its Christmas kinda thing…..”oh where did the year go” chatter.

Seasons have different meanings for different people and cultures.  For me its about death and endings in preparation for new growth. Attending to the heavy lifting in preparation for the higher energy months to come.  And I have had the most wonderfully gift laden Winter full of the closing and endings required for me to creatively expand into my authentic self.  It has been my best Winter ever, on record.  Challenging as a mofo, but just what the doctor ordered.

So I spent the last day of said favourite season driving down the coast, listening to my favourite tunes, eating glorious food and chatting to artisans and shop owners and people doing interesting things with there lives.  It was lovely to flex my alchemical muscles of hustle and to hear about others stories.  I took my little journo, writer interviewer out and it was fun.

After driving through the world’s second oldest national park I stopped at the beautiful, sleepy township of Austinmer.  I ate at the Fireworks Cafe on Moore St.  Its in the building which used to house the towns Butcher back in the day, the tiles on the wall tell the story.  It’s situated in a great little enclave which includes a homewares store, architects, bead store and hairdressers.  The food was delicious.

Fireworks Cafe

I ate the spicy sausages with kipler potatoes and asparagus.  Yes thankyou, please and more!

I drove onto the next township of Thirroul and checked out a second hand store – Retro Wombat, where I stumbled upon this little gem (I am in love with all things green).

And I had a lovely chat to the owner of ekho a store which stocks classic, handmade and vintage wares.  Its just so fascinating to hear other peoples stories about how they got to where they are, and why they do what they do.  And I’m drawn to artisans and those that tap dance on the outer and jig a bit to the left.

ekho's entrance in the township of Thirroul

I scooted back to Sydney and dropped in on my old neighbourhood of Newtown.  I snooped through Dragstar a wonderba clothing store of locally made threads and had a delightful little conversation with the owner, a lovely creative being.  I asked about how the business was born and what it takes to keep it alive and kicking.  It was a great little pocket of conversation.

And just before I headed home I stumbled across the uberly delightful Newspaper Taxi which is full of gorgeous gift cards, framed prints, artworks, home wares and handmade treasures.  It is a glorious little store.  And I had a great conversation with the owner (yes, Im seeing a theme) about all things unique, crafted, real estate and the building of community.

Newspaper Taxi goodness

I bought a glorious book which has the rare honour of simultaneously exciting my soul and eyeballs (it’s worthy of its own post me thinks) so I shall share on that delight another time.  And that was my farewell ceremonial tribute to Winter.

Bye bye Winter, I love you.  See you in nine months.

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I'm creative and curious and love writing about the fine and messy art of creating an authentic joy laden life.


  1. I stumbled upon Retro Wombat last weekend – I fell in love immediately. Was so nice to feel like a kid and discover shabby old treasures…aaaaaahh!!!!

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