the weekend in review: food, friends, an awakening and a near death experience

Friday night a friend and I enjoyed the delights of the Eathouse Diner in Redfern (I recommend).  I read loads of good things about it and loved its fun look, affordability and tasty blackboard morsels.  We shared a Pork Terrine served with a cranberry pickle onion combo, which I have to say rocked.  I followed up with Wagyu Corned Beef and Colcannon and we couldn’t help ourselves and went splitsvilles on a delightful old school Banana Split.  Washed down with two glasses of pinot noir.  Much girl chatter ensued and it was nice to be some place new, in a suburb I haven’t explored much.  It was nice to be out on a Friday night.

pork terrine goodness at the Eathouse Diner

I wake up Saturday morning and I am ungrounded, there’s mind chatter, work going through my head and a dose of unease……..argghh!  I reclaim some grounding by getting my house in order (I start cleaning at 7.00am!) and telling myself to think about work when I go back Monday morning.  I head off to visit a friend and meet her beautiful bambino (baby energy is so very grounding). Mother and I skip off for a great little brunch at Angel in Freshwater; my corn fritters, bacon and relish hit the spot.  And a good catch up natter was had.

a heavenly brunch stack at Angel

After visiting my favourite store in Freshwater, John and Ginger  I head up the coasts Northern Beaches and smooch through design and curio stores in Newport, Avalon and Palm Beach with the obligatory stop at Whale Beach (love the place).  Reminds me a bit of home.

glass parrots from 'John & Ginger' (sorry pic is a bit out of focus)

Sunday I rise at 6.45am.  I spend the day working on my business particularly my finances, there is not alot of pleasure derived from this exercise.  I motivate myself by embracing the future satisfaction I will feel at the completion of the tasks, this works.  I plan a trip home with many anticipated catch up’s pencilled and little trips to favourite places dreamed.  I talk to family.  I call some old friends.

And what was the awakening you ask? I fully woke up (as in stopped sleep walking) to the fact I NEED NEW and DIFFERENT in my life, alpronto.  It’s been brewing for awhile, but this weekend I got it good.  I’m going stir crazy with the sameness of parts of my life.  I courageously ponder on what brave acts I’m going to perform to create change.

Oh and lest I forget the near death experience – I nearly killed a child, and no I’m not joking.  A skateboard holding, ‘cap to the side’ wearing pre teen who couldn’t be bothered to use a crossing (over a four lane major road) comes from nowhere and the first I see of him he is just about to run in front of my car. Literally. I have a heart attack. Slug the horn. Slam breaks and come to a total stop.  I swear alot while glaring at said individual.  Kid has stupified freaked out grin on face and I think the need to change his pants.  I thank god, regather and drive on.  My adrenals are super charged. I’m surprised I don’t need to change my pants.


About maree

I'm creative and curious and love writing about the fine and messy art of creating an authentic joy laden life.

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  1. Helen

    There is something seriously wrong when YOU get up and do housework at any time, let alone 7.00am! seriously! Maybe finally you have a gene inherited from your Aunt!

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