Get your vision up where you can see it!

Wow what a mad two weeks.  New opportunities have been flying at me like bees to honey, and my vision for my working life is starting to taking shape. Lately I’ve spent a lot of energy on getting really clear about whats important and how I want to be spending my time.  I wrote it down.  Created a vision board. Genuinely acknowledged I had no idea where to start, and how it was going to happen. Let it go.  Trusted.  And then wham, I got a break.  Believe me I am happily surprised, I’ve been listing and visioning for an age with what felt like little movement, so somethings changed for the good.

I’m a really visual person and I find having my ideas, vision and goals up in my house really helps keep things ‘alive’ and front of centre.  So I create vision boards (see above for my favourite one) and planners and stick up quotes of inspiration. I place them where I’ll see them most, for me thats in my kitchen on the wall in front of where I stand to prepare food (the pic below is a snap shot of what I stare at when Im in my kitchen), and in my lounge.  I love creating them, there so much fun.  And most importantly it helps keep the main thing the main thing.  Which for me is gold, I can easily fall into old routine and loose sight (literally) of the change I’m wanting to create.

want to make your own ? 

You’ll need;

  1. old magazines and/or newspapers
  2. scissors
  3. pin board or cardboard
  4. pins, blu tac, glue, sello-tape
Have some quiet time to yourself and vision, dream up and get clear on a topic/s where you want to create change.  Then let go and jump into creating, and snipping and pinning.  Theres no right or wrong, it just needs to be yours, definitely don’t go for perfect, just do it……..and you’ll be surprised by what you create.  Don’t forget to put it up somewhere you can see it.  Oh, and this is great fun for kids too.  Below is my latest creation…….

About maree

I'm creative and curious and love writing about the fine and messy art of creating an authentic joy laden life.


  1. Love the Vision Board – fab way of putting thoughts and visions then within time reaping the benefits. Love the photos – plenty of birds. Your photo of the Marathon was testament to the ‘hard work and vision you created!’ well done


  2. Justine Gosbee

    Your latest vision board is mad…. I love it
    I can’t wait to see the fruits of your labour on this latest vision of your life!

  3. thanks for the positive feedback. I’m loving my latest one too…….If I’m not careful I could wake up with wings…

  4. Audrey Elford

    Maree – your vision board is beautiful!! These do really really work! 2 years ago my husband and I sat down and did a vision board together. We decided to write down whatever we wanted without thinking how it will come about. For about 4 months it was up in our room to look at every day and then we moved and it got packed away. About a year later I was sorting out some paperwork and found our vision board. Everything had happened! The baby, the place we bought, promotion – even the tropical holiday we threw in there for fun!!!! I had forgotten about the board until I found it again! Thank you for inspiring us and reminding us to do another one!!

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