hello there

This is my first post on the alchemy of hustle and I am a tad uber excited!  This blog has been a year in the thinking, so its lovely to have finally got my game on and made it happen.  I’m looking forward to sharing and exploring mine and others ‘alchemical stories of hustle’ on the art of creating, living and sustaining an authentic life.

This is a return to creativity for me, and the posts will be on all the things that make up my ecosystem*, and others too.  So if your keen to follow the conversation you’ll see posts on food, well being, creating, film, relationships, career, travel, financial health, fun and music.  And hopefully, If I’m lucky it will be a place for dialogue within the community on creating and sustaining authentic joyful lives.

Outside of the fun of sharing mine and others stories, I’m keen to start this dialogue because to me having your home, relationships, workplace, community, city, country and the planet full of more people who are living authentically, being themselves and doing what they love…….just makes more sense.  And I reckon would make for a better place to be.

Yours authentically, Maree

*personal ecosystems will be explored in an upcoming post


About maree

I'm creative and curious and love writing about the fine and messy art of creating an authentic joy laden life.


  1. Claire

    I know you have SO much to share and to inspire me with, so I very much look forward to your authentically Maree posts! Cx

  2. Erika

    Big congratulations Maree. Beautiful endeavour. xo

  3. Marie Walters

    Congratulations Maree. It sounds like a great project! M. xxx

  4. Justine Gosbee

    Wow Maree I love the front page….. very you! Looking forward to what’s in store

  5. Inka

    Maree, what a great project! I am very much looking forward to you sharing your thoughts and inspirations with us :-)

  6. Jen

    So nice to see a dream realised…
    Looking forward to receiving and participating AND meeting up in the next week or so to see where our life journey has taken us in the past 6 months. Long time between bevvies luv. :D

  7. Emma

    Congratulations!! Its going to be fantastic. The little black bird grew into a big Macaw parrot. x

  8. Again thank you all for your support and encouragement in my fledgling’s first flight, your energy is most welcome.

  9. Jo

    Hi Maree

    I love the blog and that you are following your passion and dreams. Looking forward to the next installment Jo x

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